BRUSA (Ex-Juez Federal) FACINO (Ex-Mayor); COLOMBINI (Ex-Chief of Estate Police Drug Force), PERIZZOTTI (Ex-Chief of Police); AEBI (Ex-Woman’s Chief Police) , RAMOS (Ex-Police). They were the heads of more than five hundreds of kidnappings, torture and deaths between 76’ and 80’ including my case. Members of USA National Congress signed a letter of support my trial in Argentina.

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SENADOR Luis GUTIERREZ -Ilinois- KUSINICH Staff Of. SENADOR John Mc. Govern Senador TED KENNEDY Of. HILARI CLINTON New York Congreso USA -Washington DC- Congresista Barbara LEE Of. Congresista NANCY PELOCI Asamblea Progresista de Congresistas BARABARA LEE