I wanted to testify about the horrors I experienced so that the guilty may be condemned, so that all of those who have been repressed – the disappeared, the assassinated, the kidnapped, the detained, the incarcerated, the exiled, the family members, friends and companions – may be remembered and honored for their intimate struggle. So that justice may be established/had. So that this catastrophe, of which I am a direct victim, shall NEVER be repeated.

The Argentine military dictatorship, which occurred between 1976 and 1983, utilized 586 “Torture, Concentration and Extermination Camps” resulting in a total of 30,000 disappeared persons, 500 stolen infants, 10,000 political prisoners, and more that 100,000 exiled persons.

In Santa Fe, a small city of 200,000 inhabitants, at least seven “Torture, Concentration and Extermination Camps” were utilized, resulting in a total of 300 disappeared persons, 5 stolen infants, 200 political prisoners, 20 massacres, and thousands of exiled persons. Here are some of their stories...